The Beauty Business Starter

I am a beauty professional coach

I HELP beauty professionals put systems in place to organize their businesses and their finances so they can focus on being creatives!

 I have worked in every business capacity, starting as an assistant and a commission hairstylist, renting a booth and a salon suite, and owning both a commission and booth rental salon. I am currently a full-time hairstylist in Television and Film production.

our personal income back into the business. The steps I use are simple, there’s no hustle, it’s not magic, and you can find it online, but you still need to; that’s why you need my help. I want to save you time, don’t go through what I’ve gone through as a Beauty Professional; get your business organized qui

Even though I no longer work in the salon, I am still very passionate about my beauty industry community.

Having worked in every capacity of the business, I know firsthand the challenges beauty professionals face.
We got into the business because we are creatives.
We are taught very little about being business owners. As a commission stylist, having little knowledge of what it took to run a business, I rushed into business. 

. I was often told and believed by my peers and family when they said, “stop giving them all your money .”I I was often told and believed by my peers and family when they said, “stop giving them all your money .”I opened my salon too fast, thinking it was the next step to becoming successful. We rent a booth or open a salon because we are doing so well financially. “of course, a small business should be the next step. But then we open, and we’re busy, and it’s beautiful, and then everything turns to crap because now we’re not just the artist we desired to be, were the manager, the bookkeeper, the receptionist, life coach, and the maid. Suppose they don’t show up for work, where the assistant, and often were even babysitters to adults, all of this on top of our career as a beauty professional. We’re exhausted after work, the spouse, the partner, the nanny, the cheerleader, and sometimes the chauffeur. Everything around us has become unorganized because we are not properly running a business. Our tax debt is insane and growing. We’re booked and broke because we still need to structure our finances.